DSS Abuse and Neglect

A DSS abuse and neglect case can change your family forever.

It is up to you if that change is for the better or worse.  We work with families every day who are involved in DSS abuse and neglect and termination of parental rights cases.

DSS intervention in your family can be scary and is not something anyone plans for.  If DSS is involved with your family, don’t assume you can handle it without a lawyer.  Find out your rights and how the DSS intervention will impact your family and your life.  Call us now at 864-558-0512 or use the form below to schedule your consultation.

In the mean time, here are some resources we have created for those involved in DSS cases:

What happens if DSS removes your children?

DSS Emergency Removal: The 72 Hour Probable Cause Hearing

When Custody is at Issue in a Divorce and DSS already has custody of the children

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